The Knee Brace

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The Knee Brace

Beware of Baker’s Knee Treatments That Don’t Work

The Knee Brace is an old known remedy for sprains and torn ligaments but not for Baker’s Knee Cysts. The Knee Brace allows the injured area to rest. By immobilizing your movement to rest the injured part you are also impeding your blood flow and this is the exactly the opposite of what is needed to heal your Baker’s Knee Cyst or to relieve the pain.

The most commonly accepted cause of Baker’s cysts is the (Herniation Hypothesis) which is caused by an injury, whereby they occur as a weakened portion of a joint capsule or tendon sheath located in the back cavity of the knee. This is based on the observation that the Baker’s cysts occur close to tendons and joints. The microscopic anatomy of Knee cysts resembles that of the ten synovial tissues. Baker’s cyst, contain a jelly-like substance (synovial fluid). Dye injected into the in the knee area frequently ends up in the cyst but dye injected into the baker’s cyst rarely enters the joint. This has been attributed to the formation of an “check valve” allowing fluid out of the joint, but not back in. (Please Take Note. .) This is in our option the main reason why and how Baker’s Knee cysts are formed.

In order to heal Baker’s Knee Cysts you must increase the blood flow. This will penetrate the back cavity of the knee and dissolve all of the roots of the Baker’s Knee Cyst that Surgery or aspiration can’t. Some of the nucleus remains behind. The only way to ensure total extraction is to remove the ganglion cyst from the inside, the nucleus. That is how B-Relief® Capsules work. It is designed to gently reinforce your metabolism and immune system, effectively dissolving & removing ganglion cysts into your bloodstream at its very core.
This information has been observed from our intensive in house studies.

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