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B-Relief®Caps, Permanent Cure For Baker’s Knee Cysts

ReleaseFree® Laboratories, the manufacturer of B-Relief®Capsules is a Family of Products that was founded by Lee as a cutting-edge research and development consortium structured around a holistic approach to wellness through unparalleled natural treatment products and dietary supplements. Mr. Lee’s nonstop determination to develop novel advancements in the treatment of Baker’s cysts (popliteal cyst).

By combining Biochemistry & Biotechnology, preserving the best from the past and innovating for the future for our patients. All our natural health products are manufactured in an FDA registered & certified Homeopathic Drug facility.

B-Relief®, And The I.B.V.S© System

ReleaseFree started with one main focus: help our customers get the best medical treatment possible while in the comfort of their own home. It is our Supreme Quality Products and Exceptional Warm Customer Service that makes all the difference.
The revolutionary Baker’s cyst treatment B-Relief  ensures Baker’s cysts (popliteal cyst) won’t return by dissolving the nucleus internally with the I.B.V.S© system. (Details)
Expert Chemists in the field of Complementary Medicine selected each ingredient in B-Relief  natural Baker’s cyst cure. The evolution of alternative medicine has come a long way dating back to the beginning of time. It is based on scientific statistics that certain natural substances can stimulate the body’s own healing power, necessary to overcome internal diseases like the Baker’s cyst when the body becomes weaken by everyday living.

Complementary Medicine is a unique system because even though the ingredients are natural, this does not mean that they are inferior to pharmaceutical drugs that are on the market today.


I.B.V.S.© promotes blood circulation internally, ensuring the best results to remove Baker’s Knee cysts. (Click Here)

Natural Alternative to Baker’s Cyst Knee SURGERY

Baker's-Knee-Cyst-Cure B-Relief Capsules. Dissolves Baker's Cyst Naturally. INFO:

Natural Baker’s Knee Cyst Treatment B-Relief is a combination of vitamins and the finest herbs sourced from North America. It is an innovative production process developed by ReleaseFree, the  (I.B.V.S) system. This system founded by CEO Lee, is revolutionary because it increases blood flow which is the only known treatment that can remove all the roots (nucleus) of the baker’s cyst NATURALLY. Our aim is to RELEASE the bonds of the Baker’s Knee cyst, setting our customers FREE, while giving the best value for your money.

B-Relief®-Extra-strength Baker's Cyst Treatment INFO:

Baker's Knee Cyst SURGERY Natural Alternative B-Relief SUPER Caps: INFO

The I.B.V.S© System

The only way to ensure total extraction is to PERMANENTLY remove the Baker’s cyst roots (The Nucleus) from deep inside the knee cavity. This is how the B-Relief® capsules works. Details

Committed To Excellence

A blended fusion of vitamins and the finest herbs Sourced from North America that are FDA Approved. We only use ingredients that meet our exacting standards for potency and purity.
Our products are produced in a cool, dark, high-spec environment in order to preserve potency and freshness.


We Work For Your Health

Continuously striving to deliver products of unrivaled excellence
Our first responsibility is to our customers, who we view as our community.

Baker's Knee Cyst SURGERY Natural Alternative B-Relief SUPER Caps: INFO