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FDA registration is a big deal! Companies and products which hold FDA registration are held to a higher standard, which protects customers and results in greater quality products and services. There is a great range of differences between FDA and non-FDA registered products along the entire business process. By complying with the stringent FDA rules means our supplements are made with much more quality and we are committed to an honest selling environment for all our online customers.

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Express Shipping (1-2 weeks)

UPS Shipping (10-12 Days)

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B-Relief® wishes you a complete recovery from your Baker’s Knee cyst.

We ship all USA and international orders via registered mail or a local international carrier with tracking.

B-Relief® wishes you complete relief from your Baker’s Knee Cyst

We offer a full product refund within 30 days of the order date. In order to be eligible for the full refund please read our terms page.

Returns should be sent by regular mail only. Please clearly mark the outside of your shipping box “RETURNED GOODS”. Courier companies will charge extra handling fees and customs fees for shipments, the post office does not. If you return your product by courier, we may accept and process the return. Your refund will be adjusted by any extra charges assessed by the courier company.


B-Relief® wishes you a complete recovery from your Baker’s Knee cyst.

There are Nine different B-Relief products to choose from depending on the severity of your Baker’s Knee Cyst. They range from our newest product SUPER Strength, ranging from 40-80 500 mg capsules. Extra Strength 40-80 500 mg capsules for the more extreme cases and Regular Strength 50-90 capsules for less extreme cases. To determine whether your Baker’s Knee Cyst is extreme or not please refer to our Best Results page.


Everybody’s metabolism operates differently and there are no set rules. What is for sure is that by following and taking the “G-Relief “ Capsules you are a lot closer to getting rid of the ganglion cyst than not. Finally, although some people find this medication acts quickly, for most it takes time to dissolve the cyst. If you have had the cyst for years, face it – it’s just not going to go away overnight. For most people, two months is enough to see results. However, for hard-core cases (Over A year old.) it can take as long as several more months. So patience is the word here. Because B-Relief® provides a permanent cure for Baker’s Knee Cysts, it can take longer to work than some of the other temporary solutions. Even with surgery, according to the US National Library of Medicine, after surgery there is a 42% chance that the Baker’s cyst will return.

For best results, you should use B-Relief® Baker’s Natural Knee Cyst Relief for several months and you will no longer experience recurring cysts.

B-Relief®(Baker’s Knee Cyst Relief Capsules) was developed with a revolutionary patent formula called I.B.V.S© Internal Blood Vascularization Systemtm
I.B.V.S© promotes blood flow internally. The concept is simple: Improve the blood flow and you will improve the healing process. This is the only way to relief Baker’s Knee Cysts. Through I.B.V.S© G-Relief® capsules remove and dissolve the nucleus of Baker’s Knee cysts from  inside the body ensuring it never returns.
With the B-Relief®  extra strength capsules you will feel a warming sensation or ‘flushing effect.’ This means I.B.V.S© is assisting your body by gently and effectively removing and dissolving the nucleus of the Baker’s Knee Cyst into your bloodstream without affecting any surrounding nerves or tendons.
Beware: There are lots of gimmicks and ineffective solutions (they’re still out there), but they truly  Do Not Worked.

The major difference is the dosage. The B-Relief® Super Strength Capsules are filled to the top with no filler added so it is the strongest on the market today. Extra Strength capsules are 500mgs each. The B-Relief® Regular Strength capsules are 400mgs each. For more information.


B-Relief® wishes you complete relief from your Baker’s Knee Cyst

Unfortunately, due to a security issue PayPal asked our company to stop shipping our product to Australia because of some orders were ending up lost. This was very unacceptable to us.

The CEO of our company Lee decided on a another solution.
In order to protect you our consumer and meet with the demands of PayPal we need to ship our product with higher priority UPS shipping.

The ECO Post is more efficient and arrives sooner but it comes with a price.
Our company RleaseFree has several warehouses in different locations, which guarantees that your order will be delivered as quickly as possible. This is why we charge the taxation fee when shipping our product all over the world.

B-Relief® wishes you complete relief from your Baker’s Knee Cyst

Some of PayPals customers have complained about fraudulent email claiming that they had canceled their order and as a result caused a lot of frustration to you our customers because you never received your item.

We have implemented a plan to stop that. Within 1-2 days after you have placed your order you will receive an email with your Original PayPal Order form asking you to confirm your order, and provide your contact information. Your Address and Phone Number so we can contact you in the quickest way in case there is a problem. This will ensure the fastest delivery for you our customer.

Please note all information that you provide is strictly confidential.

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